Our primary design objective will continue to be as it always has been – simplicity and ease of use. There will always be others who build applications with more features and more flexibility, and we will gladly steer potential customers to what best meets their needs. Our focus continues to be on simplicity and ease of use. We try to include those features that will meet the needs of most – but not all. We try to include sufficient flexibility for most – but not all.

We recognize that software is a tool, and tools are used by people – not the other way around. Tools do not win campaigns – people do. We encourage those in the business of politics to not place their faith in software to win an election. Politics is, as it always has been, a matter of people dealing with people. Good, simple, easy-to-use tools just make it easier and more efficient.

“Anything that is complex is not useful and anything that is useful is simple. This has been my whole life’s motto.”
Mikhail Timofeyevitch Kalashnikov, Designer of the AK-47